Orthotics, Bracing & Footwear

Heel pain. Wobbly ankles. Pain in the lower back. Sprained ankles and other sports injuries. Foot ulcers. Bunions.

What do all these seemingly unrelated problems have in common? All of them can be caused (at least in part) by defects in either the structure or biomechanics of your feet and ankles.

That’s why making sure your feet are always properly positioned, cushioned, and supported is so important. At Rainier Foot & Ankle Associates, we provide a wide range of prefabricated and custom shoe inserts, braces, and even footwear products to keep our patients standing, walking, and enjoying life without pain.


Why Biomechanics Matter

Your feet and ankles are totally unique to you. No one else on earth has them in exactly the same size and shape, and with the exact same range of motion, as you do.

Unfortunately, this means not all feet are equally good at weathering the daily impacts and stresses of life. Feet that are misaligned, pronate too much (or too little), or have other problems can wear down much more quickly and are prone to more frequent and severe pain.

And because feet are the foundation of the body, bad biomechanics there can have chain reactions all the way up the skeletal system. That’s why feet may sometimes be to blame for discomfort in the hips or back, as well.

But there’s an upside here, too! Most biomechanical problems with the feet and ankles don’t require a surgical fix. In most cases, the right set of arch supports, orthotics, ankle braces, or even more supportive shoes can significantly or even completely alleviate the source of the problem.

In this way, they essentially do for the feet what glasses do for the eyes—allow them to function correctly as long as you wear them.

Restoring Your Alignment

At Rainier Foot & Ankle Associates, we have many treatment options to help our patients maintain healthy foot and ankle biomechanics, relieve pain, and live more active lives with confidence!

It’s not just about relieving chronic pain, either. The right custom shoe inserts can even boost your athletic performance and reduce your risk of injuring yourself during training.

It’s important, however, that we take the time to perform a thorough examination of your feet and ankles before making a recommendation. While the right pair of custom shoe inserts or orthotics can significantly improve your quality of life, the wrong set will provide little if any benefit, or possibly even make things worse.

Some of the devices we provide include:

  • Premade arch supports. We have our own line of high-quality arch supports made specially for our practice, with features that are consistently effective for many mild-to-moderate cases of foot pain. They are a much better option than trying to pick out your own supports at a pharmacy or grocery store.
  • Custom orthotics. More severe foot pain, or pain that does not respond to premade supports, may require a fully customized solution. Custom orthotics are lab-fabricated to the precise dimensions of your feet based on a mold or scan performed at our office.
  • Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs). A combined support and brace for the foot and ankle may be recommended for those who need additional ankle stability, or more control for a problem like excessive overpronation. AFOs can be both premade or custom, articulated or unarticulated, etc. in order to meet the unique needs of the individual.
  • Shoe gear. Sometimes it’s just plain difficult to find a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals off the shelf at the shoe store. We carry some shoe gear that can help a great deal—even including actually supportive flip flops!