Advanced Foot and Ankle Treatments

When treating foot and ankle conditions, it pays to have a firm foundation in tried and true treatment methods. There's a reason why so many of them have stood the test of time and continue to be recommended: they work!

However, just because something works does not always mean it is the best option. The fields of technology and medicine continue to evolve. As they do, new techniques are discovered, tested, and introduced into our fields.

We would not always be providing the best potential options for our patients if we did not consider these advanced treatments as well. For some patients, they can make a huge difference in terms of comfort, recovery time, and effectiveness. For other cases, the traditional methods are more than enough. The key is that we have all these options here for different types of situations.

Here are some of the advanced foot and ankle treatments Rainier Foot & Ankle Associates are proud to offer at our practice.

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT)

EPAT is a regenerative form of foot and ankle treatment that uses the application of pressure waves to stimulate heightened recovery at the site of damage. This can result in reduced pain, less inflammation, and faster healing.

A patient does not need to take any medications or make any preparations before an EPAT treatment. The treatment may result in some minor discomfort for a few days, but the positive effects tend to stack with successive treatments.

EPAT has been a go-to form of therapy for sports injuries and other soft tissue injuries for professional athletes, and we are happy to have it as an option for many of our patients, too.

MLS laser therapy

 is an exciting treatment option for patients with chronic pain, soft tissue injuries, wounds, and even neuropathic symptoms. It provides a safe, non-invasive, drug-free, and painless option for rapid pain relief and accelerated tissue healing.

The system uses a twin pair of robotically synchronized lasers to not only rapidly reduce pain, but also accelerate the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and cellular regeneration processes, basically “kick-starting” your recovery.

For those who have been struggling with chronic pain for a long time, MLS laser therapy is one of the best ways to finally get better without surgery. And even if your pain is more recent in origin, incorporating MLS laser therapy into your treatment program can help you achieve full recovery faster.

Amniotic Tissue Grafts

Amniotic tissue grafts are an advanced form of treatment for diabetic foot ulcers and other wounds. When protection and fast healing are paramount, we may turn to this method.

This treatment uses a tissue graft consisting of dehydrated amniotic membrane. This membrane contains growth factors that accelerate the recovery of the wound while also reducing inflammation and the formation of scar tissue.

Amniotic Tissue Injections

Amniotic tissue can also be injected directly into the site of soft tissue damage (such as from a sports injury or arthritis) to encourage faster and enhanced recovery.

The amniotic materials for both grafts and injections come from the membrane that surrounds a baby after birth. They are donated by healthy, consenting mothers after birth, and the gathering in no way affects the baby, mother, or delivery process.


Speed up the wound healing process with an ultrasonic mist treatment from Rainier Foot & Ankle Associates in Enumclaw, WA. This advanced technology helps control and promote healing by reducing harmful bacteria. Ultrasonic mist treatment is a great option for people with ulcers or peripheral vascular disease. While this form of foot wound treatment is common for people with diabetes, it's also useful for non-diabetic people.

What is the Best Foot and Ankle Treatment for You?

Whether an advanced treatment or a more conservative method is ideal for your case will be up to many different factors, such as the underlying cause of your problem, your medical history, overall health, and other factors.

However, one thing is for sure: Holding off on receiving any treatment whatsoever only ensures your pain and discomfort will continue, too.

Do not wait to receive the care you deserve. We will careful consider all the factors for your case before making our recommendations. We will also be sure to fully explain all options and answer all questions you may have.

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