Stride Boldly into 2021 With a New Set of Orthotics!

Jan 18, 2021

Are you ready to put your best foot forward in 2021?

That’s almost a silly question, right? Who isn’t feeling extra motivated to make this year a drastic improvement over what we all went through over the last 12 months?

Whether you made any “formal” new year’s resolutions or not, we hope that you’re looking forward to being a lot more active and energized this time around, especially once the weather starts heating up in spring. (It’s closer than you think!)

Of course, in order to sustain any kind of healthy activity—for work or for play—you must be assured that your feet aren’t going to be ready to give up on you after about 10 to 15 minutes. And that’s where, in a lot of cases, a good set of orthotics can make a massive difference.

If chronic pain and fatigue in your feet and legs is something you deal with on a regular basis—or even if you already have a set of orthotics that you love—the new year could be an excellent time to get yourself a new pair of orthotics.

New Year New Orthotics

Orthotics Are a Key Component of Treatment for Many Cases of Foot Pain

Although orthotics won’t be the right choice for every foot problem imaginable, we do prescribe them very often, for a lot of different diagnoses. But what makes them so effective and so versatile?

The answer is that it comes down to foot structure, biomechanics, and modern life.

No two pairs of feet are exactly the same, and the unfortunate truth is that some of them are much better at absorbing shocks, distributing weight, and supporting the rest of the body than others.

And because modern humans spend all day walking and playing on hard, flat, manufactured surfaces instead of softer terrain, a lot of feet just aren’t up to the challenge. They need help to keep the pain away!

It turns out that structural and biomechanical problems are often lurking under the surface when things go wrong in the feet, whether that’s heel pain, arch pain, or even the early formation of deformities like bunions.

But just like glasses and contacts can be precisely prescribed to correct very specific vision problems, custom orthotics are fashioned to correct very specific structural defects for a unique set of feet. If you get the right pair of orthotics—one that provides your feet with precisely the support and cushioning it needs in precisely the right spots—they can greatly relieve the pressure and get you walking in a biomechanically efficient manner.

Again, that’s not to say that orthotics are necessarily always the right treatment choice, or the only one. But they have the benefit of being effective in many cases of pain, and also of long-term effectiveness. All you have to do is keep wearing them!

A New Year Is a Great Time for a New Pair—Even If You Already Have A Current One

Naturally, foot pain cases tend to go up (and symptoms for already active cases tend to get more severe) when people get moving more, especially after long periods of comparable inactivity.

With vaccines rolling out and warmer weather just a few months away—after nearly a full year of many of us being stuck at home far more often than we’d like—the right time to prepare your feet for the onslaught is now!

There could even be an extra financial incentive, as some insurance plans will cover a new pair of orthotics on a yearly basis—even if you already have an existing pair that is still in good shape.

Why get more than one pair? There are actually several really good reasons to consider it:

  • All of your orthotics will last longer, since you aren’t grinding down the same pair each and every day. Considering a single pair of high quality custom orthotics might last 3-5 years on its own (on average; results vary), an extra pair could potentially add years to the lifespan.
  • Who wants to switch out the inserts every single time you put on a different pair of shoes or boots? No one, that’s who. More orthotics = less hassle.
  • A pair of orthotics that fits your casual shoes perfectly might not fit so well into a pair of dress shoes or work boots—or vice versa. Your second pair of orthotics can be adjusted to address specific styles or shoes or activities, so that you get comfortable support no matter what you have planned for the day.
  • Obviously, a new set means you have backups in case one gets lost, accidentally left in the hotel room, eaten by the dog, etc.

If you do already have a set of custom orthotics, even if you aren’t interested in additional pairs, we still strongly encourage you to check in with us at least once per year.

Whether you’ve got one pair of orthotics in your closet or several, it’s important to have an expert examine them regularly and make any necessary adjustments to keep them in top form—or let you know when they’re about to fall apart and need to be replaced. The goal is to make sure any issues with your orthotics are identified and worked out before foot pain comes roaring back into your life!

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Don’t Let Anything Stop You From Having Your Best Year Ever!

From the bottom of our hearts, everyone here at the team wishes you and your loved ones nothing but the best of health and happiness as we start this new year together. Things are going to get better! And if you need to cross foot pain off your list of worries for 2021, know that we’re with you every step of the way.

Whether what you need is custom orthotics, other advanced treatments like laser therapy, or just a new stretching program and a good pair of shoes, we’ll make sure you get exactly the care you need (without nothing you don’t).

To schedule your appointment with Rainier Foot & Ankle Associates, give us a call at (360) 761-1285 or use our handy contact form. Happy new year!